Download the Official GLOBALG.A.P. Mobile Event App presented by (( centricity ))

Maximize your SUMMIT 2018 experience by connecting with colleagues, friends and clients with our private mobile event manager. Snap a picture and share it in the live feed, connect with new friends, comment on sessions, meetings and exhibits, and share your thoughts and ideas. And check out the special app-exclusive information, invitations and contests.
The Official GLOBALG.A.P. Event App includes:
• The complete program with schedule, reminders and “my calendar”
• Automatic contact updates and interactive session polls and feedback
• Networking tool – Whenever people join the app, updates will appear on the timeline, introducing them to the community
• Connect – Tapping on a person’s name takes you straight to their personal profile (with privacy settings)
• A messaging tool that lets you share messages right to the private social feed. This works much like a Twitter feed – a fast and easy way to share thoughts and impressions to kick-start a conversation
• Share photos straight to the app’s private timeline. Anyone part of your private event network can be a part of your experience and directly like and comment to keep things flowing
• Document and presentation download
• Facebook®-like social wall with interactive sharing and options to connect before and after the event
• Easy social or private sign-in
Please note that the app from the last SUMMIT 2016 has been disabled, please download the new one below.
Here are the links to download the app:
Download for Apple
Download for Android